Pathfinder Outputs: Workshops

In order to enable research and information managers to learn from the Pathfinder projects and each other, thereby making the most of the knowledge and experience from across the wider community, each Pathfinder project is required to organise a workshop by which discussion, debate and knowledge- exchange can be shared across the sector.

***Edinburgh Pathfinder (LOCH): ARMA OA Good Practice Exchange workshop- March 2015***

This interactive workshop aimed to equip research managers and administrators with an understanding of tools to support the open access publication life-cycle and strategies to monitor and enhance institutional compliance and researcher engagement.

***Glasgow Pathfinder (E2EOA) workshop: Open Access and the REF: Issues and Potential Solutions’- Jan 2015***

This all day workshop looked at metadata requirements, processes, evidence and related issues for the next REFIntended to be an interactive workshop, it brought together those interested in how we can use/ develop/ modify institutional systems (CRISs and/or IRs and/ or other software) to manage the additional metadata requirements for the next REF.

Download the workshop report here

For more information, contact Jacqueline Cooke (

***Northumbria/ Sunderland: How to be innovative in Open Access with limited resources workshop report **

Released 11th December 2014

A report from the Northumbria/ Sunderland Pathfinder workshop, How to be innovative in Open Access with limited resources, which took place in Newcastle in October is available here. The summary includes an overview of the day, links to the full reports on each session, and a set of draft recommendations which were drawn from the discussions.

The project would appreciate your comments on these and indeed on notes from the day more broadly. You can use the comments on the blog or email David Young @

***Manchester Pathfinder (opeNWorks): Workshop report***

Released February 2015

The opeNWorks project has released its report from the ‘Finding our way after Finch: lessons learned and where they lead’ workshop held in December 2014. The workshop reflected the early focus of the project on the experiences of the project partners in supporting Open Access (OA) since the launch of the RCUK OA policy and provided the project team with a deeper understanding of the support needs of a range of institutions.

Download report here

For more information, please contact Helen Dobson: ‘’ 

*** Glasgow Pathfinder (E2EOA): Workshop report ***

Released 30th September 2014

The Glasgow Pathfinder project (E2EOA) has released it initial report from it’s workshop, ‘Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions‘ on 4th September. This workshop explored open access process issues with relation to inclusion of relevant necessary metadata fields in repository systems (in particular Eprints) and sharing best practice in this area.

Download the report here

For more information, please contact Valerie McCutcheon:


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