Pathfinder Outputs- Structural Workflows

These outputs include processes/ workflows/ lifecycles related to the implementation of OA across the institution

***Manchester Pathfinder (opeNWorks): Toolkit for OA Support staff***

This toolkit has been designed in response to feedback received and comprises of guidance and materials for staff who are in a new Open Access support role or for whom Open Access is only a small part of their wider role.  It contains the following materials:

  1. Introductory guide to Open Access for support staff
  2. ‘Ask an OA colleague’ Q&A wiki prototype
  3. Customisable Open Access presentation template and supporting notes

Download the full contents of the toolkit here

****Northumbria Pathfinder: Case studies| Optimising resources to develop a strategic approach to OA***

This is a series of case studies highlighting OA good practice in four HEIs with a range of different backgrounds. Each case study will focus on progress towards OA implementation across five broad areas:

  1. Costs
  2. Structure and Workflows
  3. Institutional Policy and Strategy
  4. Advocacy, training and awareness
  5. Systems and compliance

***Hull Pathfinder (HHuLOA): Mapping OA requirements to Jisc OA service and OAWAL***

Released 27th May 2015

The Hull Pathfinder (HHuLOA) has completed an assessment of open access service development. They did this by matching Jisc OA services alongside our current institutional workflows and the 6 sections in OAWAL (Open Access Workflows for Academic Librarians)– winner of the 2015 Ingram Coutts Award for Innovation in Electronic Resources Management.

A comprehensive matching of Jisc OA services to Institutional workflows and OAWAL is available here and the OA Lifecycle diagram is available here

***Edinburgh Pathfinder (LOCH): A year in the life of Open Access support: continuous improvement at University of St Andrews***

Released 3rd April 2015

This case study looks at the Lean Exercise undertaken by the Open Access and Research Publications Support Team at St Andrews last year. See full report here

***Edinburgh Pathfinder (LOCH) report: “Managing open access (OA) workflows at the University of St Andrews: challenges and Pathfinder solutions” ***

Released 10th December 2014

This article arose out of a presentation given to the UKSG seminar on ‘Managing Open Access: pain points and workflows’. It presents a case study on the workflows in place at the University of St Andrews and how these are developing to meet funder compliance policies and the challenge of the new HEFCE Research Excellence Framework (REF) open access (OA) policy.

See the full report here

For more information, please contact Janet Aucock:

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