Manchester (opeNWorks) Pathfinder Workshop

Finding our way after Finch: lessons learned and where they lead’

Date: 5th December 2014

Pathfinder Project: University of Manchester

Description: The opeNWorks project held its first workshop in early December 2014.  They called the session ‘Finding our way after Finch: lessons learned and where they lead’ as the early focus in the project had been on the experiences of the project partners in supporting Open Access (OA) since the launch of the RCUK OA policy.

The opeNWorks project team draws together colleagues from a number of universities based in the North West with the aim of developing a regional community of good OA practice. The North West is home to various ‘categories’ of university and the workshop provided a forum for gathering concerns as well as understanding strengths from each type.

The majority of those attending the workshop were from North West institutions but a number of participants travelled from beyond the region, from the South coast, the Midlands and from across the Pennines. Everyone participated enthusiastically in the workshop activities, providing the project team with a deeper understanding of the support needs of a range of institutions. We’ll be feeding the recommendations that came out of the workshop into the next phase of our project.

You can read the workshop report here



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