Jisc OAIC ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ webinar

Date: 24th November 3pm- 4pm

This webinar provided an overview of the rationale, adopted methodology and data analysis / research, which has formed part of the Jisc Collections ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) project.

Specifically the webinar covered:

  • The details of APC payments currently being made by institutions
  • A comparison of subscription payments being made by institutions
  • An estimate of the additional administrative costs to institutions associated with managing payment of APCs
  • A picture of the total cost of publication to institutions.

The webinar was introduced by Lorraine Estelle [Executive director content and discovery and divisional CEO Jisc Collections – Jisc], with the research overview given by Stephen Pinfield [Senior Lecturer Information School, University of Sheffield]

Please see the e-print of the article produced by Stephen Pinfield, Jennifer Salter and Peter Bath: ‘The total cost of publication in a hybrid open access environment: Institutional approaches to journal article processing charges (APCs) in combination with subscriptions’

See the recording:

Other useful links:

Find report on data collection from Information Power at https://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/News/Releasing-open-data-about-Total-Cost-of-Ownership/

APC Aggregated data available at: http://figshare.com/articles/Jisc_Collections_aggregated_APC_data_by_publisher/1061430

Information on Jisc Collections’ ongoing APC data collection at: https://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/Jisc-Monitor/APC-data-collection/

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