Jisc/ ARMA- FOSTER Open Access Webinar: Working with Publishers

Description: This free FOSTER webinar, delivered in partnership by Jisc and ARMA, provided participants with publisher perspectives on OA and tips on how manage relationships with publishers. A range of practical steps were covered, alongside longer term and national initiatives.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this webinar, participants were able to:

  • Have a general knowledge of OA in terms of policies and interpreting terminology
  • Identify ways in which long term relationships with publishers can be managed
  • Consider the practical steps that can be taken next 12 months with a focus on compliance, working with publishers, offsetting deals and their administration


  • Neil Jacobs: Head of Scholarly Communications, Jisc
  • Catherine Sharp: Open Access Funding Manager, UCL
  • Helen Dobson: Scholarly Communications Manager, University of Manchester
  • Jennifer Smith: Research Publications Librarian, St George’s, University of London

Watch a recording of the webinar on Vimeo

Watch a recording of the webinar on Youtube

Download the slides