Hull Pathfinder (HHuLOA) project survey – Open Access and research support/strategy

The HHuLOA Jisc Pathfinder project has had as one of its underlying themes the embedding of Open Access within research processes and strategy.  It is today launching a survey to capture information from across HE institutions to better understand this link with research support, so as to provide guidance on how Open Access can be better embedded, both to support the need for HEFCE policy compliance and see the benefit of Open Access for research dissemination.

HHuLOA ran a project event in June 2015 that attracted staff from a range of organisational units within universities.  The outcome of this day was written up in blog posts (see links below), and this survey seeks to build on the discussions on that day.

HHuloa Project Event blog piece-part 1

HHuloa Project Event blog piece-part 2 

The day highlighted the important role being filled by different staff within Open Access workflows, depending on how research support is structured, including Library, IT, Finance, Marketing, HR, and research support offices.  The survey explores this stakeholder involvement.  As such, responses from across different organisational units within institutions are welcome to ascertain the picture from different perspectives.

The survey also considers the place of Open Access within institutional strategy: how much is Open Access a strategic driver in itself as well as a means to an end?

To complete the survey, please click here

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes. Please pass the survey link onto any colleagues also working with Open Access who can feed in their view.


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