Monthly Archives: June 2015

Uncovering researcher behaviour: a package of resources from Oxford Brookes and Coventry Pathfinders

Following on from the Oxford Brookes ‘Making Sense’/ Coventry (O2OA) Pathfinder workshop in May, a neat package of resources are now available to institutions who are interested in analysing  researcher behaviour around OA and using it as a foundation for how OA is implemented across their institution. Intervention Mapping Intervention approaches teach us that to … Read more

Northumbria Pathfinder case study: University of Hull | Optimising resources to develop a strategic approach to Open Access

Over the past few months the Northumbria Pathfinder has been busy travelling around to various HEIs and carrying out focus groups with key stakeholders in Open Access. The results of this work will be a series of case studies highlighting OA good practice in a four HEIs with a range of different backgrounds. Each case study … Read more

Bath Pathfinder: Open Access Reporting Checklist and Sample APC Payment Workflows

Some essential tools: Open Access Reporting Checklist for Institutions This checklist is intended to assist institutions in identifying data required for OA reporting to Jisc for RCUK (APC spreadsheet) and HEFCE for REF OA. Sample payment workflows Mapping workflows at the four collaborating institutions identified a generic series of ‘steps’ in each payment scenario used … Read more

Pathfinder Realignment

Background Over recent months, the Pathfinder projects have been considering how they keep pace with the rapidly evolving OA landscape, in order to remain responsive and continue to offer the most value possible to their own institutions and the sector more widely. To support this, each project undertook a ‘Gateway Review’ to decide on the … Read more

Implementation of the HEFCE Open Access policy for the post- 2014 REF: a progress report to Jisc

Over the past month, Research Consulting has been undertaking a review of UK higher education institutions’ progress towards implementation of the open access policy for a post-2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF). Based on the six institutional workshops, completed with the support of the Jisc Open Access Good Practice Pathfinder projects, as well as interviews with … Read more