How can open access support research development? A HHuLOA OA Good Practice Pathfinder project event

What: Developing research through open access – a one-day HHuLOA project event

When: Thursday 25th June, 10:30-3:30

Where: National Railway Museum, York

Who: Librarians, Repository managers/staff, Research managers and policy staff, Research ICT staff – 30 places available

The HEFCE REF Open Access policy is seeking to make open access an embedded part of research dissemination within institutions.  This driver has been valuable in raising awareness of open access amongst academic staff, and provided a real impetus to getting open access processes and workflows established.  As we work towards the implementation date in April 2016, there is a clear focus on the process detail of what needs to be put in place, and contrasting concerns around how the cultural change this deadline requires can be brought about, in both cases to ensure compliance.

The Jisc Open Access Good Practice Pathfinder projects have been exploring the full range of issues related to rolling out open access for the HEFCE policy.  HHuLOA has brought together three institutions that have a particular view on this.  Hull, Huddersfield and Lincoln all carry out research, but would like to grow this capability over time.  Given that open access is promoted as a means of increasing awareness of research outputs, and generate greater interest in the research of an institution, how might open access be able to contribute to the development of research?  Where does open access sit in within research strategy, and what place does it have in growing research income and reputation?

This event will encompass two parts: dissemination of the work carried out by the HHuLOA project to date, and a workshop to explore how open access can support research development that is building on this work.  Please join us to learn about how the HEFCE open access stick can also be a strategic carrot for the research development of the institution and share your own experiences of this relationship.

More information and registration here: :


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