Coventry Pathfinder (O2OA) releases ‘OA and the research lifecycle – a guide for researchers’

Miggie Pickton from Northampton University writes:

‘Last year about thirty Northampton researchers contributed to focus groups looking at open access to research publications and data, with a particular focus on compliance with funder requirements.  It was clear from these discussions that there was significant support for the principle of open access and a willingness to engage with the OA agenda, however, some researchers professed uncertainty as to how they might do this.

Open access and the research lifecycle: a guide for researchers’ is our first attempt to address this question.  Based on the stages of the research lifecycle (identify new research area, produce proposal, bid for funding…) it suggests questions to think about and tools and resources to support researchers in preparing for, and taking advantage of, open access to research.

The guide is available here and is under a CC BY licence to it  so you are welcome to adapt it for use it at your institution (though if you do, it would be nice to know !)


We’d also welcome feedback and especially suggestions for improvement – I think this will be a work in progress for a while.

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