Monthly Archives: March 2015

Glasgow Pathfinder (E2EOA): Open Access and the REF- Issues and Potential Solutions report

In January, the Glasgow Pathfinder project (E2EOA) organised a workshop that looked at metadata requirements, processes, evidence and related issues for the next REF. The workshop brought together those interested in how we can use/ develop/ modify institutional systems (CRISs and/or IRs and/ or other software) to manage the additional metadata requirements for the next REF and … Read more

Using Functional Cost Analysis to Evaluate the APC Payments Process

The Bath Pathfinder project have just released a draft for comment of their analysis of the administrative costs of processing APC payments in the four universities of the GW4 alliance: Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. Functional Cost Analysis (FCA) methodology was used to investigate labour costs per APC payment and identify resource intensive functions with … Read more

‘Uncovering researcher behaviours and engagement with Open Access’ workshop- 20th May, Oxford

Last  April the HEFCE report – Policy on open access in the post-2014 Research Excellence Framework (2014/7) highlighted the need for behaviour change if researchers are to engage with the OA agenda. One year on, what have institutions done to encourage behaviour change? Do you want to understand researchers better? Do you want to learn new techniques … Read more

Oxford Brookes Pathfinder launches MIAO (My individual assessment of OA)

Rowena Rouse, Project Manager of the Oxford Brookes Pathfinder project, Making Sense of OA, writes: MIAO is a self-assessment tool for researchers to assess how prepared they think they, and their institution, are for Open Access (OA) compliance. This is based on CIAO – Collaborative Institutional Assessment of Open Access – a benchmarking tool for assessing institutional readiness … Read more