Pathways to Open Access Baseline Report

Catherine Sharp of the UCL/ Newcastle/ Nottingham ‘Pathways to Open Access’ writes:

UCL, Nottingham and Newcastle are pleased to announce that the baseline report from our Pathfinder project, comparing our approaches to open access, is now available. Like all thePathfinders’ outputs, the report is initially presented in draft form. Please send us anycomments between now and 31 January 2014.

Despite our differences in size, research focus and open access infrastructure, we have all encountered extremely similar issues and challenges with delivering compliance with funders’ open access policies. This is no surprise given the broad consensus within the UK HEI sector that there is a need for substantial changes not only to authors’ behaviours, but also and critically to institutional systems, before compliance can be managed effectively. Key points emerging from this initial baselining exercise include:

  1. Departments and faculties need to be encouraged to take responsibility for compliance with open access mandates.
  2. Funders’ compliance reporting should be integrated with other author reporting, to reduce administration and inconsistencies.
  3. Repository, publications management and CRIS software must incorporate reporting requirements, including RIOXX and the forthcoming CASRAI profile (which includes additional fields required for REF reporting).
  4. Interim solutions should be adopted, in cooperation with publishers, to assist with REF compliance and to streamline APC processes.
  5. Automation needs to be introduced into Gold payment processes (especially metadata recording and licence checking) where possible.

Read the full report here.

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