Monthly Archives: December 2014

Glasgow E2EOA Pathfinder OA metadata spec

A significant outcome of the E2EOA project (Glasgow, Lancaster, Southampton and Kent) is the metadata profile/specification for Open Access. The key idea for this metadata profile is that it supersedes any system related profiles. Instead it provides a comprehensive starting point from where you can adopt the profile to your liking in the system of … Read more

Pathways to Open Access Baseline Report

Catherine Sharp of the UCL/ Newcastle/ Nottingham ‘Pathways to Open Access’ writes: UCL, Nottingham and Newcastle are pleased to announce that the baseline report from our Pathfinder project, comparing our approaches to open access, is now available. Like all thePathfinders’ outputs, the report is initially presented in draft form. Please send us anycomments between now … Read more

New Jisc Collections e-book ‘Education: Realizing the Vision’

Jisc Collections has published its own ebook called Ebooks in Education: Realizing the Vision. The book brings together the experiences of colleagues in universities and colleges across the UK, describing how managers, teachers and librarians are encouraging the use of ebooks and why ebooks can be an important asset for institutions, academics and students. It … Read more

Total Cost of Ownership webinar recording

This webinar provided an overview of the rationale, adopted methodology and data analysis / research, which has formed part of the Jisc Collections ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) project. Specifically the webinar covered: The details of APC payments currently being made by institutions A comparison of subscription payments being made by institutions An estimate of … Read more