Coventry Pathfinder, O2OA, provisional release of ‘Needs Assessment’ report

Julie Bayley, Project Manager of the Coventry Pathfinder project, O2OA, writes:

“Following a first stage needs assessment the O2OA project, we have produced a provisional report outlining our findings.  The process has highlighted a range of attitudes / knowledge / barriers etc which underpin the development of both technical and behavioural workflows and these will be taken forward in our next work package. Not only has the data been interesting in itself, the engagement process has triggered a very helpful dialogue across our academic and research support communities.

We are still collecting data from those staff unable to participate until now, and so this report is provisional until the remaining data is collected, analysed and incorporated.  We are also to delve rather more into the detail and drivers of OA and the context within which it exists. However, we would also like to consider this a draft subject to comment from the wider OA/Pathfinder community as with such a breadth of experience / knowledge there is undoubtedly more value to be added.  We welcome any thoughts/ comments etc ahead of finalising in December and particularly welcome any links with those of you keen to look at the conversion of needs into strategies.  We have begun this process internally and also in conjunction with the team at Northumbria following an excellent recent event, and with collaboration in mind would be happy to join forces further in this respect.

If you would like to read / comment on the document, it is available on Google Docs here or via our blog here. ”


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