Monthly Archives: November 2014

Glasgow Pathfinder project, End2End OA, invites you to a New Year OA workshop

Date: Monday 12th January 2015, 9.30- 16.30 Location: Jisc London Offices, Brettenham House, 5 Lancaster Place, London WC2E 7EN This all day workshop will be looking at metadata requirements, processes, evidence and related issues for the next REF. Intended to be an interactive workshop, it will bring together those interested in how we can use/ … Read more

Counting the cost of Open Access

Commissioned by London Higher and SPARC Europe, the Counting the Costs of Open Access report highlights the compliance burden associated with the move to open access publication of research articles, and for the first time identifies the administrative cost of making articles open access through the ‘gold’ and ‘green’ routes. As noted in Neil Jacob’s Jisc Scholarly Communications blog post, issues outlined in … Read more

Oxford Brookes Pathfinder launches CIAO (Collaborative Institutional Assessment of Open access)

Rowena Rouse, Project Manager of the Oxford Brookes Pathfinder project, Making Sense of OA, writes: ‘CIAO – Collaborative Institutional Assessment of Open access is a benchmarking tool for assessing institutional readiness for Open Access (OA) compliance. The tool is based on the CARDIO (Collaborative Assessment of Research Data Infrastructure and Objectives- This tool has been produced … Read more

Coventry Pathfinder, O2OA, provisional release of ‘Needs Assessment’ report

Julie Bayley, Project Manager of the Coventry Pathfinder project, O2OA, writes: “Following a first stage needs assessment the O2OA project, we have produced a provisional report outlining our findings.  The process has highlighted a range of attitudes / knowledge / barriers etc which underpin the development of both technical and behavioural workflows and these will … Read more

The Manchester Pathfinder project, opeNWorks, invites to you attend a free Open Access winter workshop!

Friday, 5 December 2014 from 10:30 to 15:00 Location: The University of Manchester Library, Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9PP  At this interactive event, the opeNWorks project will share its project case studies and experiences to date. They would also like to know about your experiences of supporting Open Access over the past few months so that the project … Read more