Glasgow Pathfinder OA Workshop Report: Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions

The Glasgow Pathfinder project (E2EOA) has released it initial report from it’s workshop, ‘Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions‘ on 4th September.

This workshop explored open access process issues with relation to inclusion of relevant necessary metadata fields in repository systems (in particular Eprints) and sharing best practice in this area.

The report highlights a range of issues which the project is aware are being tackled by other Pathfinders and HEIs in the wider sector, so have encouraged those who have an interest in aspects of the report to get in touch. Regular blog-posts updating on progress with actions will be made available or where it should be noted that other groups are offering some advice on a specific aspect that arose.

The updated spreadsheet of fields required for open access will be posted soon and this will be discussed with CASRAI-UK Open Access Working Group and other stakeholders.

Any questions feel free to comment below or contact Valerie McCutcheon:

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