Monthly Archives: September 2014

Glasgow Pathfinder OA Workshop Report: Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions

The Glasgow Pathfinder project (E2EOA) has released it initial report from it’s workshop, ‘Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions‘ on 4th September. This workshop explored open access process issues with relation to inclusion of relevant necessary metadata fields in repository systems (in particular Eprints) and sharing best practice in this area. The report highlights a … Read more

Opening data about open access

Stuart Lawson, research analyst with Jisc Collections, outlines the next steps in making APC data open and re-usable. Two months ago I posted about collecting and sharing APC data. The aim was to create a single standard spreadsheet template which all UK higher education institutions could use to record and report their APC expenditure. Since then … Read more

Behaviour change and Open Access; lessons for academic engagement

Julie Bayley from the Coventry O2OA project contributes: The aim of the JISC Open Access (OA) Pathfinder programme is to “develop shareable models of good practice with regard to implementation of research funders’ OA requirements”.  With the sector-wide shift to OA and with growing funders’ OA mandates, the Pathfinder scheme reflects a real need to … Read more