Pathfinder projects announced

We are delighted to announce the current suite of inter-connecting Pathfinder projects, which will support and complement universities’ work on OA compliance and enable the creation of a range of resources that they can tap into as their own need dictates.

The projects will help us search out what’s working well for institutions as they implement OA policies so that these examples can be shared widely across the sector. Each project will explore diverse issues, including ways to manage and monitor compliance with funder and institutional mandates, management of publication charges and ways to bring fairness to the sharing out of finite funds set aside to cover publication charges. Through working to bring librarians, repository managers, research managers, researchers and others together to open up focused conversations, the projects will ensure that lessons learned once don’t need to be learned afresh by someone else. There won’t be a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but there will be a rich variety of experience and support to draw upon.

To ensure that, from the start, the current projects are oriented to sharing their experience, the lead HEI will be  working in close collaboration with associate HEIs and, where appropriate, that publishers, intermediaries and systems vendors be included as unfunded partners in order to enhance the benefits to HEIs that these stakeholders can bring.

The current range of Pathfinder projects are:

Coventry University

Associates: University of Northampton; DeMontfort University

Northumbria University

Associate: Sunderland University

Oxford Brookes University

Associates: Nottingham Trent University; University of Portsmouth

UCL (University College London)

Associates: Newcastle University; University of Nottingham

University of Bath

Associates: University of Bristol; University of Exeter; University of Cardiff

University of Hull

Associates: University of Huddersfield; University of Lincoln

University of Glasgow

Associates: University of Southampton; Lancaster University; University of Kent

University of Manchester

Associates: Edge Hill University; Liverpool John Moores University; University of Liverpool; University of Salford

Institutions from across the sector are encouraged to engage with the projects through a range of events like workshops and webinars (programme coming soon). This way, professionals from librarians and research managers to researchers themselves can come together to create an OA implementation community sharing effective practice and providing mutual support and help.

Looking forward to working together over the next 2 years!

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